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Nabucco´s Resorts Indonesien
Nabucco´s Resorts Indonesien


Since May 2012, Nunukan Beat has been taking care of guests from all over the world. In February 2019 he received an equal replacement for Susanne from the Swiss diving instructor Silvia, who decided to move on after 3.5 years.

Silvia - Nunukan Island Indonesien
Silvia Parpan

Silvia Parpan, 30 from Uster, Switzerland, has been on the island since February 2019 and previously worked as a diving instructor in Thailand for several years. She has already dived half the world, including in South Africa with great white sharks, and of course without being in a cage. At Silvia, anyone who wants to can learn to dive or receive further training. She can also make good use of her background as a trained nurse here and is the right contact person for all small ailments.

Beat - Nunukan Island Indonesien
Beat Waefler

Beat Waefler, 52 from Adelboden, Switzerland worked as a metal worker before he became a passionate diver years ago. Due to his many years of experience, he is responsible for the technical area on the island and tries to go underground as often as possible. He gained his experience in the diving business in the Philippines, Thailand and Egypt. Due to his numerous trips through Asia, he knows some diving areas in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia as well as the cold Swiss lakes.


24 local employees ensure that everything runs smoothly on the island. Thanks to them, a relaxed and rejuvenating vacation is only possible.

Team - Nunukan Island Indonesien
Tauchen - Nunukan Island Indonesien

Our dive guides who work permanently with us know the dive sites and current conditions around the Maratua Atoll, Muaras, Sangalaki and Kakaban very well and prepare unforgettable dives for our guests again and again. Together with our boat crew, we can present a committed and reliable team.

Essen - Nunukan Island Indonesien

Our kitchen crew always manages to surprise the guests anew. Mainly Indo-Pacific dishes are prepared, but European dishes are also on their menu. Of course, wishes are taken into account, and there are also plenty of delicious menus to choose from for vegetarians, vegans and allergy sufferers. Local ingredients are tastefully combined with European cooking style.

Restaurant - Nunukan Island Indonesien

Our restaurant manager Yohanis from Toraja and his staff always take care of the gastronomic needs of our guests with great commitment and professional service. Attention and a great deal of diligence are qualities that Yohanis and his team have internalized.

Nabucco´s Resorts Indonesien
Nabucco´s Resorts Indonesien